Wadleigh Academic Center

The Wadleigh Academic Center is the one-stop-shop for the Eagle student athlete who are looking for some help and extra guidance in the classroom.

Need some guidance on how to prepare yourself for that big mid-term, or final? Click on the How to Study Tips link for strategies and other information to make sure you’re ready to do your best provided by howtostudy.org 

The Center for Academic Services is the place to go for students who need academic help. CAS staff members are available to assist students with time management, test-taking skills and understanding learning styles as well peer and faculty tutors. 

The Writing Center is there for all of your writing needs. The Writing Center offers help on an appointment basis; just bring a copy of your latest writing assignment for tips and corrections before you turn it in to your professor. 

The Learning Center is the means of finding the best science and math help provided on campus. The Learning Center is a student-led facility providing tutoring in general math and science courses, as well as degree specific help in criminal justice, physical therapy, nursing, pharmacy and more. 

Health and Counseling section is place where students can find information on services provided by Student Health Services aimed to help improve the general well-being of Husson students. If you are battling illness or personal problems, academic progress usually suffers; Student Health Services offers assistance for students to be in the best condition to excel i the classroom. 

When it is finally time to finish your academic and athletic careers at Husson University, check out the Career Services section to find out what James Westhoff and his Career Services Staff can do to help put your degree to work for you, and find the career you’ve worked so hard for. 

The Wadleigh Academic Center is also a great place to see our student athletes’ academic success. Click on the Academic Highlights link to find information on academic all-conference awards and Academic Athletics Banquet Invitees.